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INTERESTING tweet from South Yorkshire Police.

“Police in Barnsley are putting plans in place to ensure all enjoy the Barnsley v Leeds match on Sunday?” the official force feed noted.

Enjoy? Really? What are they proposing to do? Secretly make the goals wider to ensure a 12 goal thriller?

Which may sound like a glib response but isn’t there a serious point here too? Which is that the police aren’t there to ensure we enjoy anything; they’re there to keep us safe and prevent any trouble-causers from causing trouble.

That’s all. Why waste our time - and there’s - dressing it up any other way?


AND another interesting read is the interview with Sheffield’s own Joe Cocker in the new Uncut magazine.

The one-time gas fitter, from Crookes, was asked why he performed at the inauguration of George Bush (senior) as the 40th president of the USA more than 20 years ago.

“I had these drug busts on my record,” he confesses. “When I married an American girl the authorities quashed one of them, and it was thought that I could get rid of another if I agreed to play for Bush. I had no political leanings at all.”

Yet another way, it seems, in which drug-taking could be bad for you.


AND talking of talking posh (which we were in this column last week), reader Will Carr writes in to demand an end to people pronouncing Beauchief as Beechchief.

Snob-ish, he says.

“I tell them it’s pronounced Baw-chief,” he adds. “And always silence anyone who disagrees by asking what about the dandy, Beau Brummell? He wasn’t called Bee, was he?”


GOOD to know council leader Julie Dore has welcomed shadow chancellor Ed Balls plans to offer the long term unemployed a guaranteed six-month job if Labour get into government.

“This idea would help,” she said, as reported in this paper yesterday

Fine. But now she’s finished brown-nosing the party’s top table, any chance she could turn her attention back to the city she’s supposed to lead and the fact it is currently failing spectacularly to deal with the challenges presented by the age?