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GROOMING scandals, fascist demonstrations, an MP claiming dodgy expenses and now an adoption crisis...

If there’s one thing you could never accuse Rotherham of, it’s being boring.

But, as all these stories break, isn’t it getting tiresome seeing the town’s reputation dragged through the mud?

Quite clearly, 2012 has been an annus horribilis. Let’s hope the new MP and council leader Roger Stone are already planning to put their heads together and come up with ways to get the town the more positive press it deserves in 2013.


COULDN’T agree more with calls to reconsider the name given to a new Sheffield retirement village.

The complex in Abbeydale Road has been called Windsor House in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee year.

But, as reported in this paper, the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society reckons a name recognising the history of the site should be used.

Quite right.

Nobody can deny Liz’s achievements - getting us two bank holidays this year for a start - but she’s hardly synonymous with S7, is she? Surely far more inspiring to honour the area’s history.

The HHBS has suggested Abbeydale Grange after the Victorian mansion which once stood there. Nice ring to it, that.


THE same group’s campaign to stop Sheffield University’s proposed demolition of the Jessop Hospital’s Edwardian wing, on the other hand, is surely misguided?

The building has huge emotional attachment for those born there but, while preserving history is clearly important, the needs of the past shouldn’t always over-rule those of the future.

The university has made a good case: the wing is virtually unusable for modern education while its dazzling replacement will allow the engineering department to become the best in the world.

It should go ahead.


AND finally a plug for the 20th Kelham Island Christmas Victorian Market taking place this weekend.

This column doesn’t tend to advertise events but organisers sent in one of the official top hats, worn above, in exchange for a mention.

How could we refuse that?