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WELL, one imagines it seemed like a good slogan when they thought of it...

Several readers have been in touch after officials told this paper they were hoping to turn The Moor into the Oxford Street of Sheffield. Most point out there already is an Oxford Street in Sheffield. In Upperthorpe.

“A police officer was run over there a few years ago,” one notes.

Back to the drawing board then...


ONE can almost hear that blue sky boardroom discussions from here...

“The Champs Elysees of Sheffield has a nice ring – are there any of those already in the city?”


AND another reader gets in touch following this column’s revelation that a city firm has created a tea-roulette phone ap.

Staff at Hydra Creative, in Parkway Avenue, produced the mobile device, as reported, to solve the age-old work dilemma: who’s getting the brews in?

But Ellie Wilson says she came up with a similar idea years ago for a PG Tips competition.

“It was an iPot,” she writes. “A teapot-shaped device with the functionality of an iPod. Employees’ names would be fed in and, at set intervals, it would pipe up to the tune of Polly Put The Kettle On, telling one employee to go and do just that”

She was, she adds, most affronted to never receive a reply from the tea company.

“Perhaps I should have pitched it to Apple instead...” our brew hero concludes.


A MEADOWHALL PR type calls in to say there’s been an unexpected surge in the sales of onesies this winter. Would The Diary be interested in wearing one for the day to see why they’re so popular?

Um, no.


WHAT about Nigel Cox, the Sheffield grandfather just named Mr Universe?

The 51-year-old bodybuilder of Norton took the title, as reported in The Star, after judges were impressed by his bulging biceps.

And isn’t it especially good news for grandson Olly?

Plenty of Yorkshire schoolboys like to boast ‘My grandad’s harder than yours’ – and, in his case, there won’t be many lads able to argue with that.