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AND here’s another novel based on the real life - and unusual experiences - of a Sheffielder.

Mick Nuttall was a trucker travelling the country’s highways and byways from Kirkcaldy to Cornwall for more than 40 years.

And in that time, while he delivered his fair share of metal, he also got through plenty of scrapes, scraps and service station sausage rolls.

“I used to get home after a couple of weeks on the roads, go to a pub, and I’d have people gathering round to listen to what I’d got up to,” says the 66-year-old, of Berners Road, Arbourthorne. “People used to say I should write a book because it would be a best seller so, now I’ve retired, that’s what I’ve done.”

Which begs the question: what exactly did those tales entail?

The answer? A cut-throat-but-comical world of different faces, different places and different Ginsters every day; a life where every other driver is both a chum and a challenger - in drinking contests, sexual conquests and making the delivery on time.

“It was a great life,” says Mick, a grandfather-of-six who started trucking in 1970 after serving six years with the British Army. “You got in your cab on Monday morning and you spent the rest of the week on the road feeling free. Sometimes I’d be up on the Scottish coast which I absolutely loved, and sometimes I’d be down in the capital, which was great fun too. I never liked staying in one place so it was a good life.

“The thing is there was a real rivalry with other drivers but there was great camaraderie too.

“I’d been writing poems in my cabs. Then they turned to short stories. Then, when people started saying I should do a book, that’s when I started turning them into a novel. It features a character called Donkey but everything that happens is true.”

Mick retired in 2011 after working mainly for Sheffield-based ELG Haniel Metals Limited.

And, while he hopes the book will be well read, he does have one small warning: “Remember,” he says, “it’s a book about truckers. That means it’s not a refined kind of life. I would say this novel definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted.”

Have Truck Will Travel is available now on Amazon.com