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HE might be known for his legendary carousing but it seems Peter Stringfellow was keen just to get back to his hotel room when he stayed in Sheffield recently. And not simply because 30-year-old wife Bella was with him.

The Pitsmoor boy was in the city celebrating the 50th anniversary since his first club, The Black Cat, opened on City Road in 1962.

But after the partying was done he reckons he couldn’t wait to get back to the Leopold Hotel, in Leopold Square.

Why? Because some 60 years ago, when the building was the Sheffield Central Technical School, he was a pupil there.

“I prefer the place now,” he says.


IN the end Denis MacShane did the right thing and resigned, then?

The Rotherham MP has announced he will step down after a parliamentary committee found he had fiddled his expenses and wrongly claimed thousands of pounds of public money.

But wasn’t his initial reaction to those findings utterly gobsmacking?

“I am saddened,” he said in a website statement, “that the BNP has won its three year campaign to destroy my political career.”

No, Doctor MacShane, you should be saddened that your own greed destroyed your political career. No-one - and certainly not the BNP - made you falsify 19 expense claims.

It was you, and you alone, who choose to swipe from the tax-payer.


AND finally congratulations to the team behind this summer’s Games Britannia festival at Rotherham’s Magna.

Regular readers may remember this page revealed how the June extravaganza was set to be the UK’s first ever video game education festival.

That meant youngsters went along, played on computer consoles, and, as organiser Mark Hardisty put it, learnt subjects like English and Maths by stealth.

Now, it has won best Education Initiative Award at the UK’s Games Industry Awards in Bath.

Lara Croft would be proud.