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Scouting has certainly changed since this column was dib-dobbing as a young cub.

The Star reported yesterday how girl guides from across the country have been treated to a huge secret gig at Sheffield Arena featuring JLS, Little Mix and, um, Cover Drive. Meanwhile, South Yorkshire scouts were given the chance to grill Labour MPs after their Manchester conference.

It’s a far cry from the days when a gig was a camp-fire sing-along and grilling was a camp-fire meal which one ate with the doomed certainty a dose of the the runs wouldn’t be far away.


TWINKLETOES Michael Vaughan reckons he took Strictly Come Dancing partner Natalie Lowe to watch a Wedensday match the other week, then?


We all know she’s been working him hard – but there’s no need to retaliate like that, is there?


SO, perhaps this isn’t quite as strange a concept as it originally sounds.

An attempt to break the world record for most players competing in a five-a-side football game is to take place at The Sheffield United Academy, as reported in The Star.

It seems such a match isn’t limited to a finite 10 players as one might think because there will be some 400 substitutes making an appearance.

Still, it rather reminds this column of visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin where tourists are invited to stand in the world’s biggest, er, pint glass.


INCIDENTALLY, it’s not actually made of glass either.


AND meanwhile, online, a debate rages on a certain forum about who the greatest Sheffield icon ever is...

Jessica Ennis, Jarvis Cocker, Seb Coe and Sir Henry Bessemer all get a mention.

But credit to the chap who pipes up with one undisputable South Yorkshire-wide contender: The Chuckle Brothers.