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AND here was this column praising Sheffield University only yesterday.

A shame, then, to see reported in today’s paper that bosses there have decided to censure critics.

The university has banned this week’s edition of student paper Forge Press from being distributed in halls of residence after it featured a story claiming some staff were not getting a fair pay deal.

The paper reported that workers in the commercial services department will now be hired by an external agency, meaning they aren’t included in the uni’s pay-grade system. The uni, meanwhile, says the article in question was not balanced.

Either way, how ironic that an institution as magnificent as the university should show immaturity by trying to muzzle these youngsters instead of engaging in a grown-up discussion.


GREAT idea by Barnsley Council to start broadcasting webcasts of full council meetings, as reported in The Star yesterday.

One imagines they won’t be breaking any viewing figure records but such transparency can only be good for democracy.

One question: when will Sheffield Council start doing the same thing?


AND a small prologue to today’s Def Leppard story...

Mick also recalls the young Joe Elliott going back to Osborn Mushet Tools to buy his old work mates a pint not long after the band had been signed.

After spending the lunch hour in a pub on Infirmary Road the young rocker walked his ex-colleagues back.

“He came on to the site with us and one of the bosses saw him,” says Mick. “He was a real headmaster type and told Joe he shouldn’t be there.”

After politely accepting the reprimand the singer turned to Mick and noted: ‘I’ll buy the place next time I’m back’.

“I was never quite sure he’d want to buy Osborn Mushet Tools but I knew what he meant,” laughs Mick. “He could have done, as well. Nice bloke.”