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IT’S taken almost two weeks but a reader emails in to say he enjoyed last month’s column on procrastination.

“I meant to write sooner,” says John Scholey. “But just never seemed to get round to it.”


COULDN’T agree more with Sheffield City Council’s ruling Labour group which has condemned violence by Burma security forces.

They’ve asked the UK government to call for action, as reported The Star.

Just one questions: since when did our local councillors decide to concern themselves with international diplomacy?

Instead of wasting their time – and our money – debating issues which they can have no influence over nor any effect on, maybe they should concentrate on a few of the pressing local issues in their in-tray.

Perhaps they can leave putting the rest of the world to rights until they’ve sorted out the city’s ongoing bins saga, put the Sevenstone development back on track, improved education in the city, completed flood barriers and simplified the road system.

Just a thought.


AND while this column’s in moan mode...

City politicians and police were quick to pat Sheffield (and themselves) on the back when we avoided riots last summer. Now a conference is to be held asking why there was no trouble, as reported in this paper last week.

Fair play.

But isn’t that all a little-self congratulatory in the aftermath of youths rampaging through Darnall?

When police arrived in the suburb to make an arrest they found a large gang setting a police car ablaze. The force has played down the incident but, considering helicopters had to be scrambled because officers on the ground feared for their safety, the disturbance surely doesn’t sound unlike a small-scale riot?

Perhaps that conference should really be addressing how that breakdown was allowed to develop – and ensuring it doesn’t again?