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BUS passengers might want to offer their sympathy to Richard Ratcliffe if he’s driving them this week.

He’s the Upperthorpe Stagecoach worker who appeared on this page after becoming 2011 world champion at French board game Stratego. He was hoping to retain the title at this weeks’s 2012 world championships in the Netherlands.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” he says. “I finished second. A Dutch bloke won.”

Still, looking on the bright side, there’s always next year when the tournament will be held in Berlin.

“I’m already practising,” he notes.


AND talking of buses, great to see Sheffield is the least car-dependent city in Yorkshire.

Campaigners say that’s because of public transport improvements and more bike-friendly routes, as reported in this paper.

But perhaps there are another couple of reasons too: after all, if the mysteries of the ring road don’t make you want to leave the motor at home, the potholes certainly do.


CAN’T say I blame Sheffield City councillors who want to keep time restrictions on meetings.

Labour has proposed abandoning the 40 minute limit on discussing agenda items.

Which sounds like a good idea for democracy but I’m not so sure.

Back in the Fifties such meetings regularly ran on for 10 hours and more. And that basically meant anyone with a job, a family or a life had to make utterly unreasonable sacrifices if they wanted to run for a seat on the authority.

Surely if we’re looking for normal people to get involved with local politics this would be a backwards step?


AND finally well done to Martyn Bilby, the Doncaster chip shop boss who successfully cooked up the world’s biggest plate of fish and chips.

Some people might have said such an aim was a load of pollock. But he’s now got his plaice in the record books.