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ONE can’t help feel that teachers at Sheffield’s Yewlands School have perhaps misjudged the zeitgeist slightly.

As the country goes sports crazy and even David Cameron talks about more PE in the national curriculum, students there were asked to produce imaginary architectural plans - to build a housing estate on the school fields.

The scheme, reported in The Star yesterday, aims to develop youngsters’ skills in technology, engineering and maths.

But, imaginary or not, isn’t there something slightly disturbing about pupils analysing the logistics of a ring road where the goal posts should be?


BOXING legend Mike Tyson is coming to Barnsley, then?

His appearance, at the Metrodome, has already caused debate with opponents saying a convicted rapist shouldn’t be allowed to cash in on his infamy.

They may have a point but for anyone shelling out the £100 a ticket, let’s hope for their sake it goes better than last time Tyson touched down on these shores.

In 2009, while this columnist was but a reporter working in Wolverhampton, the boxer gave a similarly priced talk at the city’s Civic Hall.

Unfortunately, Tyson’s time-keeping wasn’t as punctual as his famed right uppercut. He arrived at the venue at 11.04pm and, after speaking for barely 30 minutes, left the stage to a chorus of boos.

“Wolverhampton was fantastic, I had a great time,” he told reporters outside. “The people really took me to their hearts.”

Inside, meanwhile, people who had bought deluxe tickets, which included a post-talk three-course meal, started tucking into their starters as midnight struck.


A READER writes in berating The Diary for “writing in a foreign language”.

“How far is 7.5 km?” demands Phil Parker, after this page referred to the Five Weirs Walk as such. “Please don’t fall into the trap of Europeanisation. Convert it into miles for us.”

Since he asked nicely, it’s just shy of five.