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TWO days on now, then, and it seems like the whole country is still suffering Olympics withdrawal.

Regular readers will know this column wasn’t entirely over-enamoured by the thought of two weeks of the sort of second-string sport you normally cross the velodrome to avoid.

But wasn’t games enthusiasm infectious? And isn’t it rather sad not sharing your living room with Michael Johnson any more?

Just one thing though: was anyone else surprised to read in this paper how the games have already resulted in more people getting active with city bike shops, gyms and sport clubs 
reporting a boom in business?

Because, frankly, for the last fortnight, having all this sport on TV has mainly inspired me to simply spend more time sat on the sofa.


AND while we’re still on the games a reader phones in to point out if the Don Valley Stadium is renamed the Jessica Ennis Stadium Sheffield, it becomes the JESS.

“Sounds nice, that,” he notes.


MORE Olympics? Go on then...

Perhaps Doncaster building contractors D Bennett and Sons should be given a medal for their new look vans.

The livery shows a blue and red lion’s head complete with the slogan...Team DB.


NICE to see Sheffield, meanwhile, getting an Olympic mention in the New York Times.

The prestigious American newspaper reported on games fever from “an 
unexceptional corner of a town plaza called Barker’s Pool”.

And the hack on the scene seemed genuinely excited by Jessica Ennis’s success – which means perhaps we should forgive him for describing the city as “a long-hard-on-its-luck northern town best known to Americans as the setting of the blue-collar striptease film The Full Monty”.



AND, while we’re in Barker’s Pool, nice to hear Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle enjoyed his appearance at City Hall on Friday.

“People in Sheffield are so nice,” he tweeted. “It’s like Scotland went for therapy.”