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JaS fridge magnet
JaS fridge magnet
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A WEEK on, then, and the debate about how to honour Jessica Ennis continues at the kind of pace the lass herself set in the hurdles.

Some people want a stadium renaming and some want a statue building.

But wasn’t there something eminently sensible about former Sports Minister Richard Caborn’s contribution to the discussion in this paper on Friday?

“We all know what happens to statues,” he noted. “They get pigeons sitting on them.”

And - strictly between you, me and the finishing post - he didn’t actually say ‘sitting’.

Either way, a still silent statue doesn’t seem quite fitting for someone so full of life as Ennis? Surely, far better to use her name to inspire stadiums full of young athletes?


TALKING of statues of famous people, it was something of a surprise to be told by Sheffield City Council officials they had no idea how many such monuments there are in public ownership in the city.

As it turned out there’s just a handful.

But press officers with the authority - which is responsible for such things - said it would be impossible to provide a comprehensive list.

One can’t help wondering if that’s somehow symbolic of Town Hall (lack of) efficiency.


AND talking of Jess, how about this for a piece of merch which tickles the zeitgeist?

City designer Jane Summers - the woman behind JaS Design - has created these fridge magnets to honour the heroic heptathlete.

“I went down to look at the golden postbox at 9am last Monday,” says the 42-year-old of Heavygate Road, Walkley. “And it was already surrounded by people having their photos taken. I wanted to do something to commemorate the moment.”

They’re on sale at The Famous Sheffield Shop, in Ecclesall Road, and Sheffield Scene, in Surrey Street.