Take Two

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WELL, at least it seems their hearts were in the right place - even if their heads weren’t.

Vandals who scrawled graffiti on Jessica Ennis’s golden post box did so with the words ‘Go Jess’, as revealed today.

We’ve all felt like shouting that out over the last few days, haven’t we?

Certainly these yobs shouldn’t have been defacing the monument but perhaps, seen as the sentiment was right, initial calls to make them feel the sharp end of a javelin could be toned down a touch.


FAIR play to the National Trust for investigating ways of encouraging more children to explore the outdoors, as revealed in this paper.

There’ll be few who argue it’s not a worthwhile cause.

But it strikes me one thing above all else may help - finding a way of switching off the rain.


A READER gets in touch regarding mild obsessive compulsions, as discussed in yesterday’s page nine column.

John Sheridan - presumably not the ex-Wednesday midfielder - says he always has the TV volume set to an even number.

“Although, if it ends with a five - like 35 - that’s okay too,” he notes.


AND another reader, John Beardshaw, emails in with news that, while most of us are still preparing for our summer holidays, one Sheffield pub is already gearing up for...you guessed it, Christmas.

Seems tinsel and holly has gone up at The Sportsman in Bentley Lane, Crosspool, to advertise their festive dinners and celebrations.

“Is this the first?” our man wonders.

Over to you, readers...


AND finally today’s main Diary feature sparks an office debate: should the work place have a teapot for communal brewing or should it be every man for himself?

This column if firmly in the latter camp.

The only thing more annoying than having to mash up for half a dozen people every time you want a quick cuppa is when someone takes the last communal teabag.

Half a sugar, if you’re offering though, thanks.