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A READER phones in to put yours truly straight.

Gordon Johnson says this page was wrong to refer to early records as vinyl, as it did on Thursday.

The 80-year-old of Dronfield says, quite rightly, discs in the first half of the 20th century were generally made from shellac and before that from wax.

“And I should know,” he adds. “I bought plenty in my time.”


INTERESTING debate started online about whether Sheffield’s trams should be named after famous city sons and daughters.

The idea being, presumably, that by calling a vehicle, for example, the Joe Cocker rather than the Number 115, it gives an identifiable sense of civic ownership – and looks pretty cool.

But it wouldn’t be the first time such a scheme has been run here. Travel South Yorkshire previously named 22 of their buses after not just famous people but famous landmarks such as Manor Lodge, famous institutions like the city’s first newspaper the Sheffield Iris, and even famous animals, namely steel-working elephant Lizzie Ward.

Famous people name checked included poet Ebenezer Elliott and equal rights campaigner Anne Knight.

It didn’t increase patronage on those buses but it did help to preserve names which shouldn’t be forgotten. Which suggests perhaps this new tram suggestion has legs. Or should that be wheels?


NOW, that’s my kind of celebration.

G Lomas Family Butchers, in South Anston, is marking its first year in business by creating an all new steak and ale pie, as reported in this paper yesterday.

If owner Gary toasts every birthday with such flair, here’s hoping there’s plenty more to come.


FROM Ecclesfield to Edinburgh - next stop the West End?

Drama students from Ecclesfield School will this week perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The youngsters will present their Exit Stage Left play at the city’s Greenside venue on Friday, and then each night up to August 18.

The very best of luck to them.