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DO you look like Nick Clegg?

Then it seems you’re in demand.

A national newspaper reports the Susan Scott lookalikes agency in London is offering up to £650 an appearance for anyone who resembles the deputy prime minister and Sheffield Hallam MP. Disgustingly, there’s no demand for a Richard Caborn, it seems.


HE’D be joining a political roster, by the way, which already includes David Cameron, the Queen and - one wonders who might book this - a John Major-Edwina Currie double act.


YOU’VE got to say it’s a bold move by Rotherham’s Oakwood High School to give their 1,000 plus pupils an iPod Touch each.

There’s no doubt plenty of people will think it’s a scheme that spoils pupils while wasting precious education funds.

But fair play to headteacher David Naisbitt for having the courage of his convictions about the importance of new technology.

“The iPod Touch is a great learning tool and will, we feel, encourage independent and creative thinking,” he told this paper last week.

Quite right. I just wish we’d had them handed out at school.

As it was, we were given pocket-sized homework planners.

Helpful enough for sure - but they didn’t have the advantage of coming with access to Super Mario Karts.


MIXED reaction to my Olympic torch column last week, then.

Some people agreed the event was a touch OTT, and some people told me that I was a hare-brain kill-joy.

And fair enough too.

But regular Diary correspondent Beryl White was particularly to the point: “At 79 years of age,” she emailed, “I can afford to sit in front of the television and have a bit of a moan - but if I was your mum or grandma, I would be telling you to go on out, enjoy yourself and get over it.”

That’s me told.