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GREAT to hear plans to create an antiques quarter in Sheffield is winning national attention.

Traders around Broadfield Road want to turn the area into an officially recognised retro destination, as reported in The Star last week.


They say it will boost business, and why not? Perhaps the future might just be in the past.

OCCASIONALLY, you get people writing into this paper saying students are bad for Sheffield.

And occasionally - 3am on a Tuesday when those downstairs decide to blast Jessie J, for example - I agree with them.

But, really, anyone can see our academics add to the rich mix of culture here.

To wit: this week the city is holding its first International Student Drama Festival which will bring shows from Iran, Zimbabwe and Japan right to our doorstep.

Great for the students, I reckon - and great for us too.

And worth having to occasionally put up with Do It Like A Dude.


CARNAGE. Pure and simple carnage.

The isle of Wight festival this weekend, I mean. Did anyone else shudder at the pictures being beamed back to our newspapers?

No matter how many music-lovers hold their thumbs aloft and tell us the mud is part of the experience, I’ll never believe anyone spending a weekend in a quagmire can really be having a good time.

Which just makes me all the more thankful for Tramlines.

Dry venues and a bed at the end of the night? Yes please.


HE might have been dead 112 years ago but it seems John Ruskin isn’t letting a little thing like that stop him from becoming a 21st century social media phenomenon.

Sheffield’s legendary philanthropist has his own Twitter account.

“I’m watching from the afterlife,” he says.

But just what does a 19th century gent talk about online?

The answer? Sheffield’s museums and, bizarrely, Jimmy Carr’s tax affairs. He also retweets Pete McKee a lot.