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LISTEN, I’m so bored of everyone telling everyone else to listen.

Have you noticed this new craze?

Politicians, talking heads, sports commentators all answering questions by firstly telling the asker – and by extension us, the viewer – to ‘listen’.

This may, I suspect, have started with Tony Blair but over the last few weeks it’s exploded everywhere.

David Cameron at the Leveson Inquiry, Ed Miliband on Sky News, pretty much every football pundit commenting on Euro 2012 – all insisting we listen before they impart their opinions.

Look listen. Hey listen. Now listen. It’s (not literally) this year’s ‘literally’.

Only even more annoying.

Because, self-evidently, we already are listening. If we weren’t the TV or the radio wouldn’t be on. All that little word does is make anyone with any sense want to switch off.

Stop it.


IT’S been more than 18 months since I arrived in Sheffield but I finally went up the iconic Arts Tower yesterday.

It was to view an exhibition of final year work done by Sheffield University’s School of Architecture students.

The display was proof of the young talent in the city but to be honest I spent most of my time walking round taking in the incredible views of the city. Magnificent doesn’t do it justice.

If you’ve not been up, I couldn’t recommend it highly (forgive the pun) enough.


BIT tricky getting in and out of that paternoster lift though.

Apologies to the young lass I almost knocked over while trying to alight.


AND finally there have already been plenty of tributes to Sheffield photographer and one-time steelworker Martin Jenkinson who passed away last week.

But allow me to add one more.

Gifted doesn’t sum up the talents of the man who captured the fury of the Battle of Orgreave.

Genius with a lens might just about cover it.