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CRACKING long weekend, that was.

Same place, same time in ten years, Ma’am?


ISN’T it great that, when a top London restaurant needed some special cutlery, managers turned to the Steel City.

The Ledbury in fashionable Notting Hill wanted some new one-off steak knives. So staff commissioned the Famous Sheffield Shop to make them, as reported in The Star yesterday.

Good on them.

Except isn’t it a shame restaurants right here don’t do the same?

I’m afraid I’ve become one of those people who, when eating out, always checks to see where their cutlery is made.

And, having tried a dozen or so different places, I’m yet to find a single Sheffield restaurant which uses Sheffield steel.

Are there any?


YOU know something else that’s been quietly annoying me for the last 18 months?

That announcement on the tram: ‘The next stop, by request, will be xyz.’

It’s too ambiguous. It sounds like the stop has already been requested. It doesn’t make it clear you need to do the requesting yourself.

I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen watch their stop whiz by unaware they had to ring the bell. Well...I say, I’ve lost count. I mean three. But the point remains. It’s confusing.

So, a suggestion: shouldn’t it be ‘The next stop, *if requested*, will be xyz.’

Just a thought...


IMAGINE cutting hair for 50 years.

That’s Betty Taylor who has been snipping away since 1962, as reported in The Star this week.

The 73-year-old has permed and bobbed at Taylor’s Unisex Hair Design, in Lowfield, for almost as long as the Queen as been the Queen.

Some achievement.

And you can be sure of one thing: there’s probably no-one in Sheffield you could trust more with a short back and sides.

Congratulations to Betty.