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Welsh Royal Mail van
Welsh Royal Mail van
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PLENTY of feedback after this column wondered what might feature on Sheffield TV last week.

One reader - calling himself only Strong And Northern - suggests Hendo’s Half Hour could be a cookery show with the emphasis on stews and pies, while Jacob Holmes calls for a docu-soap from inside Town Hall.

But perhaps best of all is Hayley Toothill’s ideas: Spital Hill 01142 - similar to Beverly Hills 90210 but set next to the River Don instead of the Pacific Ocean.

If it doesn’t get commissioned it’s a tragedy.


AND another reader emails in after snapping this Royal Mail van in Abbeydale Road.

Howard Greaves, the esteemed vice-chairman of the Hallamshire Historic Building Society, wondered if the service had been privatised and taken over by foreign investors after seeing the usual slogan written in something that is very clearly not English.

In fact, no.

It’s just a Welsh van currently on sabbatical in these here parts.

Perhaps a shame.

Just a thought, but if a German firm had taken over with their renowned efficiency it might mean we get our post on time.


TELEVISION adventurer Bear Grylls arrives in Sheffield on Friday, then, for his Mud, Sweat & Tears tour.

Just one question: shouldn’t it be called Mud, Sweat And Motel Rooms?


DEAR Sheftival organisers,

Thanks for putting on big screens at Don Valley Bowl to celebrate the Olympics.

Any chance you could do something similar in the city centre for the European Championships?