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Sheffield FC by Goal Soul
Sheffield FC by Goal Soul
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* WELL, as the dust settles, there’s little doubt that was pretty decisive, then?

Two to one in favour of not having a mayor.

Will that now be an end to this ‘once-in-a-generation’ question?

Something in the way Greg Clark has, according to reports, already raised the possibility of ‘regional mayors’ makes me think not.

Same time same(ish) referendum in a couple of years, probably.

Still, for now, I have to agree with Kevin Meagher, chairman of the Mayor4Sheffield campaign about one thing.

“Today’s result is not an invitation to return to business as usual in the Town Hall,” he said in The Star last week. “Our councillors need to raise their game and make sure we don’t miss out.”


* FOR Blades fans still in mourning after the Bank Holiday weekend, this perhaps might not prove too much comfort.

But, if it’s any consolation, you’re beating the Owls in the comic book world.

Former Diary star Craig Daley released his graphic novel, Football Crazy: The Road to Insanity, in both United and Wednesday colours last year.

And, inspired by this year’s real life rivalry, he has taken an audit to find which is selling most at city shops like Devonshire Street’s Rare and Racy.

Turns out, with more than 120 being snapped up, United are out performing their rivals by more than two to one.

So that makes things a little better, right?

No? Oh.

* AND while we’re on football, fans might like a new range of T-shirts featuring Sheffield FC, big brother to both United and Wednesday.

Nether Edge based clothing firm and former Diary stars Goal Soul have released four tops – including this one – honouring the oldest club in the world.

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