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DAVID Cameron says the referendum on whether Sheffield should have an elected mayor is a “once in a generation” chance for democratic reform, then?

I’m not so sure.

Because it seems to me the problem with such referendums is they’re only “once in a generation” if you vote the way you’re supposed to.

To wit: when the Republic of Ireland electorate said No to signing the European-binding Lisbon Treaty in 2008, the government - which was supporting the Yes campaign - simply held a second vote a year later.

That time the people got the ‘right’ answer and voted Yes.

Something tells me something similar might happen here.

One suspects that no matter how overwhelming a No vote to an elected a mayor is, while ever there are people in power who support this policy we’ll keep being asked this question.

ELLO ello ello, what have we here then?

Only former Diary star Alfie Moore announcing his first major Sheffield show.

This is the Hillsborough-born police officer turned stand-up who appeared on this page last year after taking leave from his job upholding the law with Humberside Police to become a professional comedian.

And after success on ITV1 show Show Me The Funny he will be performing at Sheffield City Hall on May 19. Funnier than being arrested by him. One imagines.

PLENTY of praise coming in for the Save Portland Works campaign since a related photo exhibition was featured on this page a fortnight ago.

But reader Herbert Housley, of Ecclesall, says he has more reason to be pleased than most at the initiative’s success.

He worked there as a knife grinder from 1939.

“And I’d be out there supporting the campaign today if I wasn’t so damn old,” notes the 86-year-old.

EXCELLENT report on botox starting in this paper today. No doubt it will raise a few eyebrows.