Take Two

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MORE celebrity-animal hybrids from readers: Lion-el Messi, Gaz-Elle McPherson and – take a bow Syd Bullen for this effort – CheeTara Palmer Tomkinson.

And some Sheffield ones too: Julie Dore-mouse, Jarvis Cocker-el and Jessicat Ennis.

And that, I think, should be that. Thanks to everyone who sent their efforts in.

IT’S been a year and half but 18 months after moving to Sheffield I’ve finally seen a show at The Lyceum.

Comedian Stewart Lee was excellent (“we’re recording a DVD tonight,” he noted at the start, “it will just be like normal but I’ll put some effort in”) but, frankly, I spent half of the show in awe at the venue itself.

Grand doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Ironic, really, because about the time I was settling into my seat, snooker player Mark Williams was tweeting how he thought next door’s Crucible was a “s***hole” and that he hoped the world championships would soon be played in China.

Fair play. That’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

Mine, on the other hand, is to hope the twice world champion gets beaten by Liu Chuang tomorrow so he doesn’t have to spend any longer in the Crucible than necessary.

SOMETIMES you have to laugh, don’t you?

This week I’ve mainly been laughing at the chap who has launched a campaign demanding Sheffield’s bin collectors start later.

Steve Hague of Handsworth is furious that once a fortnight his sleep is disturbed at 7am by the lorries. “This is an anti-social problem,” he told The Star last week.

Well, how utterly inconsiderate of them.

And those refuse collectors aren’t alone in this selfish behaviour.

While we’re on it, I’d also like to call for no buses to run past my house before 7.30am and late-night ambulances to be banned from using sirens.

If someone could also see to it that birds are stopped from chirping at dawn that would be grand.