Take Two

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THE snooker’s here, then, and one Sheffield brewery is trying to pot some good publicity.

Blue Bee, based in Hoyland Road, Neepsend, has created three new ales for the world championship, which started on Saturday. There’s Brown Ball at four per cent, Blue Ball at five per cent, and Pink Ball at - you’ve guessed it - six per cent.

“We were going to have an imperial stout called Black Ball at seven but we’ll save that until next year,” says director Andy Stephens.

The only problem? They rang The Crucible about the possibility of stocking it and were told, sorry, call back after the championships has finished.

“Sort of defeats the point but never mind,” says Andy. “You can get it next door at The Old Monk at least.”

THANKS for all the celebrity-animal name suggestions following the challenge thrown down in Thursday’s Take Two.

Best so far have included Sigourney Beaver, Cheryl Vole, Sean Penn-guin, Barack O’Llama (from two of you), and - from Sheffield City Green councillor Rob Murphy, no less - Chairman Cow.

Someone also asked what the (possible) prize would be. To which I can only say: it depends what free tat arrives in the post this week.

NOT often of late this column has agreed with Nick Clegg but you couldn’t fault his praise for The Friends Of Millhouses Park in The Star last week. He called the green space a jewel in the city’s crown and noted that the friends deserve our thanks.

Spot on.

There are few nicer places to spend a summer evening (when we have them that is) and I reckon Sheffield is lucky to have it. And lucky to have them, too.

AND, meanwhile, the discussion about who might make a good Mayor of Sheffield continues online.

“We need a big-hitters,” says one politico.

“Like Herol Bomber Graham?” responds another.