Take Two

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WARWICK Binns has been in touch.

This is the Intake pensioner who, along with son Paul, featured in last Thursday’s Diary after they both hit a hole in one in the same round of golf.

“I’ll be back in contact when we repeat the achievement with one of my grandchildren,” he emails.

AND another communicative, unnamed unfortunately.

“Ask your older readers this,” it says after attacking Royal Mail plans to charge 60p for a first class stamp. “Did they ever imagine they’d be asked to buy stamps at 12 shillings each?”

FAIR enjoyed judging the Tramlines real ale beer selection this week, as reported in today’s paper.

A panel of experts - and myself - had to choose between four anonymous brews with the winner being the beer which is sold at this summer’s festival. That, as it turned out, was a concoction crafted by Bradfield Brewery.

Feel free to buy me one by way of thanks if you like it. Feel free to email the other judges if you don’t.

THE debate over whether Sheffield should have an elected mayor continues to rumble on - but one can’t help think not everyone is taking it altogether seriously.

A thread on a popular local internet forum asks who should run for the post.

Two of the more popular answers? Jarvis Cocker and Neil Warnock.

AND finally, isn’t it strange how, as in today’s main piece, famous place names seem to interest us?

I remember a former colleague at another newspaper being ordered to spend General Election evening at a 10 Downing Street so he could interview the people who lived there as the results came in.

The young couple - too polite to turn him away - spent a bemused couple of hours explaining after every question they had no real interest in politics and hadn’t voted. It made page three.