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ANYONE who’s ever looked out over Sheffield on a summer morning probably wouldn’t have been too surprised to read in The Star yesterday that pollution is six times higher than recommended guidelines in parts of the city.

Smog is often visible.

But I suppose there’s some reassurance in the thought this isn’t exactly a modern problem.

Wasn’t it John Ruskin who noted, in the 19th century, Sheffield often resembled “a dirty picture in a golden frame”?

APPARENTLY, the petrol panic might have helped things slightly, though.

Bicycle sellers reckon there was a spike in sales in Sheffield and across the UK last week.

Now, I know this is a city built on seven hills but surely there’s a lesson to be learned there.

Plenty of people would, it seems to me, be willing to cycle instead of using the car if only the circumstances were right – and one of those circumstances should be making sure the roads are safe.

So, why, with every new public transport policy and initiative we hear - and there are always plenty of them coming from Sheffield City Council or the South Yorkshire Transport Passenger Executive - are the needs of bikers always bottom of the pile?

Surely, in 21st century Europe, encouraging more people on to push-bikes should be a given in any city, no matter how many hills. Surely, in short, there should be a reassessing of priorities?

FOR the record, I don’t bike myself. Never been able to pull off the lycra look.

Don’t drive either. Never been able to find the biting point.

AND talking of the petrol non-crisis (which we were up there), nice sign behind the bar at the Old Crown Inn, in Penistone Road, Hillsborough: ‘Beer shortage - please panic buy’.

AND finally reader Faye Smith asks how the dinner party went.

Well. No-one got food poisoning and just one glass got smashed. A success.