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Meal Number 19 by Cindy Cheung
Meal Number 19 by Cindy Cheung
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AND here’s another Sheffielder designing T-shirts.

Former Diary star Cindy Cheung - she’s the Norfolk Park lass behind the unique Pud Inn meal club where punters enjoy five desserts - has launched her own range of food-inspired Tees.

This, her first design, is available at www.cindycheung.co.uk/missie

JUST so this column doesn’t come across like a kill-joy over the next couple of paragraphs, allow me to first and foremost offer a hearty congratulations to everyone chosen to carry the Olympic torch through South Yorkshire this summer.

It’s a great honour and, as highlighted in yesterday’s Star, well-deserved.

Now, in response to the estimate that thousands of people will line the streets to see the procession, allow me to ask a question: why?

What is it about a lick of flame that excites people so much they will gather to cheer it on? Because frankly, the only time I’d consider leaving my house for fire is if the house itself was the thing alight.

If Bob from The Banker’s Draft ran down the street carrying a burning baton tonight, he’d be arrested and put inside. Yet give it an Olympics badge and it’s a must-see event.

Truly, what strange creatures we humans are.

OH, and here’s hoping those carrying the flame don’t do a Helen Sharman.

The Sheffield astronaut famously dropped the torch ahead of the 1991 World Student Games extinguishing the flame.

Her improvised reaction - pretending to light the symbolic cauldron with a fireless holder - still makes me laugh when they show it on Look North.

NOT, I should add, that I - or anyone - has any right to laugh at Helen Sharman.

How many times have the rest of us been to the moon?

Exactly. Show some respect.