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HOW lovely to hear about the 12 Gleadless couples who have lived in Arnold Avenue for 50 years, as reported in Monday’s Star.

The 24 are thought to be the longest-serving neighbours in Sheffield.

And how true when one of them noted, in an age where many people don’t even know who lives on their street, it is quite an achievement.

Because allow Take Two to hold his hands up and admit to being one of the millions of people who, in 21st century Britain, wouldn’t know the name of the person next door if they found themselves in a cup of sugar emergency.

Shameful. In a world where our mobiles and laptops are supposed to make us better connected than ever before, how sad that this original - and surely most worthwhile - form of ‘social networking’ is being neglected.

ANOTHER term another interesting/bizarre looking evening from former Diary favourites, Science Brainwaves.

These are the Sheffield students and post-graduates trying to take physics to the masses.

Their latest free family event? An audience participation night which promises to show how volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis have parallels with the moves thrown in Strictly Come Dancing.

Takes place tomorrow at St George’s Church Lecture Theatre, in Mappin Street, 6 - 8.30pm.

AND talking of interesting events, what about this Michael Jackson concert coming up at Buxton Opera House on Saturday. It’s called simply Jackson Live and the tag line claims that “The undisputed king of pop is coming”.

Two words: he’s not.

NOW, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving for charity - but this latest demand is too much surely?

South Yorkshire Animal Rescue Centre, in Walkley, is asking for spare bubble wrap as reported in Tuesday’s Star.

Would they really deny us that greatest of life’s pleasure of popping away at the stuff before you’ve even looked at what’s contained within?