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THE Star’s Battle Against Obesity?

Now there’s a campaign worth throwing your weight behind.

Seriously, though, great to hear, as part of the fat fight, Jamie Oliver’s Ministry Of Food in Rotherham has received £100,000 to continue its good work.

The Diary just hopes its claims to help people eat healthy are more accurate than the cocky Cockney chef’s book, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.

Never yet have I managed to make one of the dishes in under an hour.

ONE could get rather po-faced, of course, about the scenes in the House Of Commons last week when several MPs were involved in a drunken fracas.

The scrap, in which Labour MP Eric Joyce is alleged to have headbutted Tory counterpart Stuart Andrew, took place in one of Parliament’s several bars.

Disgraceful, disgusting, a shame to this historic Mother of all... etc etc.

But wasn’t it also great to see Sheffield-born Jackie Doyle-Price at the heart of the action?

The former Notre Dame High School pupil, now Tory MP for Thurrock, rolled up her sleeves and stormed the ruck, trying to keep the boozy brawlers apart.

South Yorkshire steel at its best.

Another plus point to pull from the palaver? Perhaps now we’ll have fewer lectures from parliamentarians about the dangers of cheap alcohol leading to over-stretched emergency services.

As far as the cheap alcohol goes, the House of Commons bars are all taxpayer subsidised. As for the over-stretched emergency services, reports say it took six coppers to take Mr Joyce away.

LOUIS Tomlinson says he “couldn’t believe” One Direction had such success at the Brits, as reported in The Star last week.

I must admit I was a little gob-smacked myself.

AND finally good luck to any lasses out their planning on proposing tomorrow – Leap Day.

Remember if he says no it’s not all bad news; you’ve got four years to find another victim.