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WANT to stir up a storm?

Just mention the £8.4 million annual salary Sheffield businesswoman Emma Harrison paid herself last year via her training firm A4e.

The Diary opined last week that such a figure seemed rather a lot considering the majority of the company’s work come through government contracts and was therefore paid with the public purse.

And it seems you lot agree.

Regular correspondent Paul Kenny suggests the government show A4e, based in Bessemer Road, the door; while Stan Brookes rues the fact Mrs Harrison is also heavily involved with Thornbridge Brewery in Bakewell.

“There’s nothing like a pint of Brother Rabbit,” he notes, “but I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to touch the stuff again.”

AND people say students don’t achieve anything during their time at university?

Tell that to the Endcliffe Village youngsters who broke the world pancake tossing record last week.

A COLLEAGUE raises an interesting point amid the debate as to what should go where the Tinsley Towers once stood: why not build a large replica of Meadowhall’s steelworkers statue?

It’s well loved, historically significant and aesthetically more pleasing than a giant football or a mummified giant.

DELIGHTED for snooker ‘ace’ Mick Bullas who last week notched up his second win - in some 243 games.

The 65-year-old, who skippers Hillsborough Snooker Centre, claimed the victory after 96 successive league defeats, as reported in Friday’s Grass Roots.

But amid all the celebrating for Mick, I couldn’t help feel a pang of sympathy for his opponent, John Ryalls of the British Legion.

That’s one fellow you can be assured is in for some good-natured stick wherever he goes this week.