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OCCUPY Sheffield has finally stopped squatting in the Cathedral forecourt, then?

Four months on, answers to what they achieved on a postcard...

INTERESTING to hear Rotherham MP Denis MacShane hitting out against bonuses for Network Rail bosses, as reported in The Star yesterday.

“In Rotherham there is real anger at the sheer greed,” noted the man who was previously ordered to pay back nearly £5,000 of public money in wrongfully claimed expenses.

Pot, kettle, etc etc.

AND, talking of public money, what about Sheffield business woman Emma Harrison paying herself an £8.6 million annual salary last year?

She pocketed the huge dividend from her training firm A4e, as reported in The Star on Saturday. The only issue? The majority of the firm’s contracts come from the government – meaning that’s our money she’s trousering.

No-one doubts the Bessemer Road firm does good work in getting people back into work (although it did fail to hit agreed targets); but, really, in an age of austerity shouldn’t the government be ensuring those they work with aren’t pocketing pay checks which would make even a banker’s eyes water?

WHERE Sheffield leads, the world follows. Maybe.

Regular Diary readers may remember our feature on the city’s all new Subbuteo club last summer.

Now, it seems the game is set to make a nationwide comeback after Paul Lamond Games relaunched the flicking fantastic hobby at London Toy Fair. England legend John Barnes was on hand.

“It’s great news,” says Simon Jackson, the Sheffield club’s team manager. “Maybe we can get Barnsey up for a game.”

AND finally happy Valentine’s Day from The Diary.

If you’re not coupled up, just remember Plato’s views on the matter: Love, so said the great Greek philosopher, is a grave mental disease.

And if you are coupled up? Well, then, you probably know that already.