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NICE to see former Diary star Ant Anderson’s fame spreading.

This is the 25-year-old, of Ecclesall Road, who has released a book about his three seasons in the bandit world of prawn trawling off Australia’s north east coast.

After seeing our story - including sharks, stingrays and cyclones - Newcastle’s Evening Chronicle got in touch to follow up. Ant’s originally from the North East and was delighted with their interest.

“I use to deliver that paper,” he said. “Back-breaking work - probably what prepared me for the trawlers.”

TO another former Diary star, and this is the penultimate work in illustrator Jim Connolly’s Sheffield Collection.

The 33-year-old has spent the last four years creating a series of prints showing the Steel City as it might look in a comic book world.

His latest work features a new South Yorkshire superhero - the Man Of Steel City, faster than a speeding whippet and capable of leaping over the Arts Tower. Superb.

Lovely to meet Bruce and Sally for tonight’s main piece - although I can’t help feel they were disappointed with my own tale of celebrity spotting.

Dickie Bird, 2006, him opening a Hoyland betting shop, me a cub reporter.

It was a raining outside and I thought I’d break the ice with a joke.

“Dickie,” I said, “you’ve brought your usual weather with you.”

He didn’t see the funny side. And neither did my editor when I returned to the newsroom without a quote.

STILL, even that was better than listening to Jim Davidson fall over once as we spoke on the phone.

“I’m alright,” he said. “Oh s**t, I’ve ripped my trousers. What was your question?”