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AND talking of modern art, who’d have thought Sheffield heavy industry firm Melluish Metalwork would be at culture’s cutting edge?

Um, Damien Hirst apparently.

The 46-year-old Brit artist - best known for his cow in formaldehyde - has commissioned the steel firm, based in Shepherd Street, Shalesmoor, to produce a series of cabinets for his latest work. Apparently, it’s a secret, though, so you didn’t hear it here.

MARITAL harmony appears to be alive and well in Parson Cross.

After seeing The Diary’s sister page, Midweek Retro, last week, a neighbour rang Cookson Road resident Stella Lucas to tell her there was a picture of husband Paul in the paper.

Her response? To immediately ask if it was in the wanted section.

“I couldn’t imagine why his picture would feature,” laughs pensioner Stella.

In fact, it was a snap of Paul when he worked as a greyhound trainer at Owlerton Stadium in the Fifties.

“It was a bit strange seeing him because we don’t have many photos ourselves from back then,” says Stella. “It wasn’t like these days when everyone has a camera.”

INTERESTING response from South Yorkshire Police, I thought, to yesterday’s front page story revealing there have been 1,000 crashes involving their cars over the last three years.

Authority chairman Neil Bowles reckoned statistically that meant accidents were ‘quite rare’.

Really? By my calculations, it’s roughly one smash every single day. I wonder what would constitute ‘quite often’.

HOW about Derbyshire soldier Private Jordan Crowder becoming the first British serviceman to survive a double Taliban bomb blast?

Not only did he walk away, as reported in Saturday’s Star, he was left without a scratch.

One wonders what his lottery numbers are this weekend.