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REGULAR Diary correspondent Stan Brookes has been in touch about the 365 project featured on Tuesday’s page.

“Seeing as this is a leap year,” he asks, “shouldn’t that be a 366 project?”

A fair point, indeed.

n ODD to read in Tuesday’s Star of Lib Dem councillor Colin Taylor criticising Labour colleague Steve Wilson for tweeting about his Barbados holiday. One question, Colin: why shouldn’t he tweet about it?

Coun Wilson, who represents East Ecclesfield, messaged followers telling them: “Hard day sunbathing in the sunny Caribbean”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if I was kicking-back on the other side of the world, I wouldn’t be messing about on my mobile - but to say he’s done something wrong is ludicrous. He’s doing what every other person in the country does: spending a couple of weeks away and bragging about it.

Councillors aren’t paid the Earth, it’s not a jolly at our expense and this tweet is merely the equivalent of a postcard which says ‘wish you were here’ but means ‘glad you’re not’.

Anyone who thinks that’s insensitive should get a life. Perhaps Coun Taylor needs a holiday himself.