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Bigger on the Inside by Jonathan Wilkinson
Bigger on the Inside by Jonathan Wilkinson
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It might essentially be an outdated shed but Sheffield’s iconic Surrey Street police box – an outdated shed, incidentally, so cherished there is a campaign to make it a listed building – has been immortalised on canvas.

The tardis is the focus of the latest painting by former Diary star Jonathan Wilkinson, whose popular previous works include Tinsley Towers, Castle Market and the Roxy nightclub.

“I think the tardis is as much a part of Sheffield as any of those,” he notes.

Oh, and the painting’s name?

Bigger On The Inside.

REGULAR readers may remember my rant about the new lifeCARDs which have been introduced by Sheffield International Venues this month.

The cards cost £3 and mean holders can continue to use leisure facilities at places like Ponds Forge and Hillsborough Leisure Centre for the same price as previously.

Those, on the other hand, who don’t agree to give away details including their address, mobile, race and basic health history now have to pay up to 20 per cent more to, say, go swimming.

My rant was that I didn’t want another piece of card clogging up my wallet and I didn’t want intimate details being stored by SIV just so I could go swimming now and then.

But it gets worse. What’s now clear is to get a card one doesn’t have to just hand over those details, you also have to pose for a picture for the company’s records.

I’m not exactly sure why this bothers me as I put my face up there at the top of this page every day but... isn’t there something just a little sinister about a council-approved company wanting your face on file?