Take Two

Stephanie Chase, aged 18, of Bank Street Arts, with the winning book.
Stephanie Chase, aged 18, of Bank Street Arts, with the winning book.
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WHO’D have thought it was possible to get bored of the sight of Sheffield lass Jessica-Jane Clement wearing not very much?

Turns out it is. She’s A Celebrity Overkill. Get Her Out Of There?

AND the winner is... this pop-up book from Japan.

It took the public vote award at the Third Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize which was featured in The Diary last month. The exhibition was Bank Street Arts’ most popular ever with, it seems, plenty of Star readers going along.

“It’s been a fantastic success,” beams gallery owner John Clark.

Each visitor was asked to nominate their favourite book, and A Drop Of Cloud by Japanese artist Kaho Kojima was the winner.

THE Demon Organist is back, regular as clockwork.

Readers will remember Chris Wintle plays a medley of Les Dawson style Christmas carols outside Sheffield Town Hall every Christmas.

And, this year, it seems the 56-year-old of Woodseats is taking things one-step further by attempting to play for 24 hours - from 8.30am on December 15 to 8.30am the following day.

Now, for sure, no-one can deny Chris is great value or that raising money for Sheffield ME Group is a good cause but, safe to say, I’ll be glad I don’t live round the Peace Gardens that particular evening.

AND finally a quick recommendation for a former Diary star.

Diane Gilder - that’s her who built an art gallery in her own Baslow back garden - is launching a pre-Christmas exhibition today. It’s a display of stitching, and it runs until Sunday at the Wilkin Hill property. Well worth a trip. More at www.dianegilder.co.uk