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After Star reporter Nik Brear kicked her kit off in yesterday’s paper I was expecting to be inundated with demands to do the same. Not a single email.

A QUICK good luck to former Diary star Bean Heason who travels to Africa today.

He’s the climber who became the first person to ever scale Angel Falls, the world’s biggest waterfall. As achievements go, it’s not a bad one to have under your belt - but it seems the 36-year-old of Meersbrook, isn’t satisfied. He’s now off to attempt Mali’s notoriously dangerous Hand of Fatima peak.

That has been climbed before but his team will probably be attempting a route that hasn’t. Just for a challenge, like.

MORE Billy Bragg, and regular readers will, no doubt, be enthralled to know I enjoyed his Leadmill gig on Tuesday.

Best moment? When after a long-winded rant on the evils of capitalism, our man sheepishly pointed the audience towards the merch stand. Still, how can you question the genius of a bloke who wrote A New England?

OR perhaps regular readers won’t be enthralled to know that.

Correspondent Ron Clayton responds to Monday’s Take Two paragraph on the millionaire socialist with the simple dismissal that he only has one thing going for him: “He’s not as much a pain in the backside as Ben Elton.”

AND finally an interesting letter arrives from Sheffield’s Neurocare charity challenging yours truly to wear their scarf in a unique location.

It seems, this is part of their November fundraising drive. Donors who give £1 or more are presented with a scarf and, for the chance to win £500, all they need to do is snap themselves donning it somewhere unusual.

Too easy. After all, where could be more unique than The Diary’s masthead? Send the prize money to the Star address please, guys. Anyone who thinks they can beat that, though, should visit www.neurocare.org.uk to enter.