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Stuart Faulkner with his painting of Def Leppard
Stuart Faulkner with his painting of Def Leppard
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A couple more Sheffield pubs which share names with movies, as suggested by regular Diary correspondent Paul Kenny.

He nominates The Red Deer Hunter, in Pitt Street, and The Taking Of Kelham Island Tavern 123, in Russell Street. Add your own groans here.

NOW, for sure, this new painting of Def Leppard down The Moor might not be a perfect likeness - but artist Stuart Faulkner tells The Diary he was a little perturbed by the comments of one passer-by.

“He asked if it was the Spice Girls,” says the 32-year-old teacher of Crookes. “I suppose it was the Union Jack thing but really? The Spice Girls?”

Still, he’s hoping to use the image - splashed on a shut shop shutter - to blag his way into the Sheffield band’s arena gig next month. “I was thinking they might see it and offer me complimentary tickets,” he says.

WHAT a world we live in when a 12-year-old boy can be excluded from school because teachers don’t like his hair, as reported in last week’s Star.

Corbin Castledine has good grades and a good attendance record but Parson Cross Primary has taken against his barnet.

How utterly petty.

They say young people have no respect for authority but who can blame them when authority acts with such pointless pomposity and vindictiveness?

AND finally a TV quiz: What do BBC cooking show Great British Menu, ITV quiz Biggest Loser and an up-coming BBC prison drama all have in common?

Yes, apart from all making you want to read a book, I mean.

Answer: New Year episodes have been filmed here in Sheffield.

The latter was recorded at Concord Sports Centre in Shiregreen, while Ponds Forge had TV cameras in for the first two.