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ANOTHER day, another reader taking issue with this column – and perhaps with good reason.

Alan Ryder emails to say he’s not impressed with the description, in Tuesday’s Take Two, of the University of York Conservative group as ‘young toffs’.

“How do you know?” he asks. “Have you ever met them?”

Wel… no, it was a lazy generalisation based on prejudicial stereotypes, creating counter-productive cliches.

So, in the interests of fairness, allow me to label Labour supporters as working class oiks and Lib Dems as sex-mad sandal wearers, and then let’s all move on safe in the knowledge everyone’s offended.

AMUSING new book by Ian McMillan professing to be about something called T’Olympics.

These games, the blurb tells us, were the little-known first modern Olympics – held in Yorkshire in 1892 four years before the Athens games of 1896. The event has largely been forgotten, the tongue-in-cheek write-up continues, because of poor organisation, public indifference outside Yorkshire and uninspiring events.

McMillan, of course, is making it up to give us a giggle – but strange how the student games comes to mind, isn’t it?

He’s also got a new book/Christmas cash-in out called 101 Uses For A Yorkshire Pudding. Now, don’t get me wrong, I bow to no man in my appreciation of either the Barnsley Bard or the titular delicacy but, frankly, it’s every bit as unfunny as it sounds.

FROM one local legend to… the Bailey Brothers, and bad news for fans.

Regular readers may remember The Diary reported 2011 would be the year the former MTV heavymetal DJs from Killamarsh would be writing their eagerly-anticipated (by me, if no-one else) autobiography.

It seems it’s been put on the back burner while Mick and Dez work on other projects.

“Time goes so fast,” says Dez. “Especially when you have bread under the grill.”