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SO, obviously, I don’t wish to make light of crime but how rubbish was that hoax bomber reported in The Star on Thursday?

David Jones, of Bazley Road, Arbourthorne, phoned Sheffield Train Station to say an explosive was planted there.

The only give-aways the call was a fake? He was seen ringing from a booth right outside and claimed to be from the IRA, an organisation which has been on ceasefire for 15 years.

In his defence, solicitors said Jones had a drug problem. Probably he does, but I reckon most people could spend a year on crystal meth and still have more cognitive thought.

HEALTH and safety, eh? Much ridiculed it may be but I admit I’m a fan.

I like roads with speed limits, I like buildings with fire exits, I like living in a country where someone somewhere is always worrying about the potential hazards one might encounter in an accountants office in Milton Keynes.

It’s those people who are the reason Britain’s aeroplanes are among the safest in the world or we get fewer fatal fires than almost any other European country.

That has to be a good thing. Largely...

Largely, because even a cottonwool softy like me can’t see the sense in Sheffield Council ordering residents at Lodge Moor’s Westminster estate to remove pot plants and homely knick-knacks from communal areas on grounds of fire safety.

It’s a ruling that smacks not of protecting anyone but of bureaucratic box-ticking; of someone making rules because they have to do something for their pay packet. And it’s outrageous.

Here are people trying to improve their environment; put some colour in the communal concrete; have a bit of pride in their patch; and what are they told? Sorry, fire hazard.

No it’s not. Bulky items were removed months ago. So, all that busybodies are doing is condemning residents to Orwellian, greyness for no good reason.

Health and safety gone mad is a phrase I thought I’d never hear my self say. It seems Sheffield Council have proved me wrong.