Take Two

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WITH regards today’s two main pieces, I hold my hands up and admit I’m not normally a fan of ‘the charity record’.

I tend to agree with Morrissey who, when asked for his views on Band Aid in 1984, noted the whole thing put the responsibility of solving the world’s ills on the shoulders of “13-year-old girls from Wigan”.

Very true, I’ve always thought. As, incidentally, was the bequiffed singer’s assessment of the song itself (“one can have great concern for the people of Ethiopia, but it’s another thing to inflict daily torture on the people of England.”)

And yet, in these Sheffield cases, I reckon there’s a bit of a difference.

Mainly because they’re not being aimed at tweenagers but at alt-music fans and footy supporters. And, let’s be honest, if those two demographics weren’t spending their hard earned on charity records, they’d only be wasting it on tickets, beers and Rizlas, anyway.

MORE definitely targeting teenagers are reality TV boy-boppers One Direction - but fair play to them for selling out Sheffield City Hall in less than seven minutes this week.

To be honest, that’s about as long as I expected their career to last.

A BAND of a different kind are Sheffield superstar metallers Bring Me The Horizon.

They made headlines yesterday after front man Oli Sykes showed some South Yorkshire aggression and invited unruly Salt Lake City fans on stage for a fight.

He was less than impressed they’d been throwing bottles of soft juice at the group.

The only problem? Said fans accepted and gave him a small hiding before security intervened.


AND finally thanks to all readers who noted I’d been in The Diary chair for exactly one year this week.

Actually, there was just one of you. A chap called Martin Dawes.

He’s taking me for a drink tonight...