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SOME ideas are of such obvious monumental folly, you almost hope they become reality for the giggle value.

To wit: Rotherham’s Chinese Theme Park.

To wit also: proposals revealed in Friday’s Star, to build a monstrous 40-metre tall steel man where the Tinsley Towers once stood.

One acronym springs immediately to mind: WTF?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting to see Sheffield Council looking to install something bold, brave and iconic to replace the old coolers – something that would symbolise the city to the world and inspire regeneration in the Lower Don Valley. And I reckon, with the right piece of art, it could become as hugely well-loved as what went before.

But the right piece surely isn’t a giant bloke, apparently dressed in bandages and sitting with legs akimbo. I mean, the artists impressions alone are probably enough to scare small children.

The designers reckon it would say: ‘We are big, we are modern’. But I think ‘We are bereft of ideas’ would be nearer the mark. Frankly, they might as well just build a 40-metre actual white elephant and be done with it.

For sure, if it became reality you’d have to giggle – but, personally, I think I’d want to cry too.

SO, what should they put there?

One idea springs immediately to mind - how about a sculpture of a giant pair of cooling towers built in a monotone grey? Perfect.

IT’S not uncommon for this column to take a sneering pop at the odd councillor or politician - but a quick word of praise for former Lord Mayor Arthur Dunworth.

He’s stepping down as a councillor after 20 years of public service, as revealed in The Star last week.

“I feel that’s enough of a contribution,” he said.

And fair play too. Being a councillor is a thankless task (partially because of quick-to-criticise people like yours truly) but no-one should argue it’s not a worthwhile one. A very happy retirement. He’s earned it.