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INTERESTING idea from the people who brought us The Sharrow Pie Experiment.

Buoyed by the success of bringing neighbours together over a slice of dessert (at least until funding was cut), organisers from St Mary’s Church, in Bramall Lane, are having another crack at creating community connections through confections.

This time they’re jamming while jammin’. That is to say, they’re inviting people to make jams and preservatives while listening to Bob Marley.

“It will allow people from all sections of the local community to come together over food,” says Jo Watts, learning and development manager at the centre.

Start dates are to be confirmed but, for now, they’re appealing for jam jars. Call 0114 223 0223.

FROM one former Diary star to another, and Michael Glover – that’s the poet who featured on this page in June – will finally see his work unveiled in The Moor next week.

The previous piece told how writer Michael, originally from Fir Vale but now living in London, will have his verse displayed on hoardings surrounding the new market building site.

That will now be uncovered on National Poetry Day, October 6, at 2pm. And he’ll follow that later in the year with a book of childhood memoirs.

“It’s been very therapeutic writing about old tin baths,” says the 62-year-old.

AND finally a big thanks to everyone who emailed in about yesterday’s main Diary picture.

This page has featured record-breaking climbers, trend-setting actors and world-renowned artists but one suspect T-shirt slips through in the background of a bar-scene photo and there’s more metaphorical jeering than when a Wednesday player comes a cropper at Bramall Lane.

Thanks to Hannah Kenrick, though, who offered some moral support amid the mockery and outrage: “I saw two kids with the same T-shirt on in a Greek monastery which is worse,” she wrote, “I think.”

Sorry about that...