Sixties kids are still all right

Bob Dylan on stage at Sheffield City Hall
Bob Dylan on stage at Sheffield City Hall
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THEY have long since settled into respectability but Sheffield’s wild Sixties kids still have something the rest of us can only dream of: namely, memories of seeing the likes of Dylan and The Beatles right here.

Now, the generation that witnessed arguably the city’s finest ever gigs can relive the magic.

Concerts including Bob Dylan’s first UK show on April 30, 1965 and the Fab Four’s legendary concert on November 2 1963 – both held at Sheffield City Hall – will be recalled at a special Sixties evening there.

Memorabilia and photos will be exhibited in the venue’s foyer ahead of larger celebrations to mark the landmark building’s 80th anniversary later in the year. The evening will be soundtracked by period rock n roll, while there will be a reading from celebrated Sheffield writer Michael Glover who attended both those shows.

“Listening to Dylan that night made you want to be like him,” says the 62-year-old who grew up in Fir Vale but now lives in London. “It made you want to be a roaming, footloose guitarist out on the wild and windy streets of Sheffield.”

It takes place Monday April 30, 6-7.30pm in the City Hall foyer. Free tickets can be booked at