Sheffield teenager’s music a sound investment

Early years: Mick and disc
Early years: Mick and disc
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READ The Diary folks – it might make you rich...

Pub landlord Mick Pridmore looks set to be a grand better off.

He realised he was sitting on a mini goldmine when we reported on a city academic’s search for The Def Leppard EP, the band’s first ever recording from 1978.

The super-limited-edition vinyl – of which there were only 150 pressed – has previously sold for £850. And Mick has his own autographed copy in storage.

“The funny thing is it hasn’t seen a turntable for 30 years,” says the 64-year-old landlord of The Wharncliffe Arms, in Burncross Road, Chapeltown. “I never really liked their music. I bought it as a favour to Joe Elliott. I was a development engineer at Osborn Mushet Tools and he was a trainee. He was a teenager with big dreams. I liked the kid.”

Now Mick’s kindness will bring its own rewards.

The Diary reported last month how Dr Matt Cheeseman, from Sheffield University, was looking for the vinyl for an exhibition of city music. That’s when Mick realised the disc’s full value. The recording preceded a more widely released EP of the same name put out when the band were signed.

“I had an idea it was worth something but not that much,” he says. “Will I sell? I suppose it would be better off in a museum or with someone who would listen to it.”

Dr Cheeseman’s exhibition Do It Thissen runs September 20 - 30 at Montgomery Hall in Surrey Street.