Sarah wants to see Howe it’s done in your house

Snap to it: Sarah Howe
Snap to it: Sarah Howe
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MEET Sarah Howe – she wants to come round your house Christmas Day.

She wants to see you tucking into turkey, observe the imparting of presents and listen in when granny gets argumentative after one too many sherries. And she wants to take your picture... That’s because this 23-year-old professional photographer is hoping to snap the different traditions different Sheffielders observe on December 25.

While most of us will be pulling crackers and hoping no-one suggests a game of charades, Sarah, of Stanley Road, Meersbrook, will be driving to different homes across the city in a bid to capture the way we celebrate. She hopes to visit 15 families, and is looking for volunteers to have her over for half an hour. “My mum’s not best pleased,” she says. “I live in London so she thinks I should be spending Christmas Day at home but I’m back for a couple of weeks so she’ll see plenty of me.

Why do it? I’m fascinated by how we all have different rituals. Like in my house, my sister and I always open our gifts in a certain order.” The photos – one posed and one ‘action’ shot from each home – will form part of an exhibition and picture book to be released next year.

“People are nosy, and I think they’ll like seeing what other people do on Christmas Day,” notes the former Newfield School pupil.

Anyone interested in being a subject can email