Rally would have knocked spots off

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GOT to say this column was a bit gutted for the Derbyshire pub which last weekend failed to beat the world domino record.

The Hearty Oak, in Dronfield Woodhouse, wanted more people to come along and play the game simultaneously than had ever happened before. It seemed a suitably pointless - and yet some how heroic - way to spend a weekend.

They needed 600 people to turn up. Just 57 did - as reported in The Star.

But - oi, stop laughing at the back - perhaps it should have been expected.

As a friend pointed out: “If it was the world’s biggest domino rally, I’d have been there like a shot - but I can play doms with my Granddad any time I want. And I don’t need to travel to Drony for the privilege.”

SOUNDS like Ken Sharp had a shocking holiday in Turkey and he certainly has this column’s sympathies.

This is the fella who appeared on the front of The Star last week after nightmare followed nightmare while he was supposed to be enjoying the sun, sea and sand of Marmaris.

Instead, he saw the outside of a hospital when he needed emergency treatment and the inside of a jail after he was arrested for he’s not sure what because no-one explained to him. Awful.

But I couldn’t help laughing when, describing the ordeal, our incredulous hero lamented that “nobody could speak English”.

Well, no, because he was in Turkey.

I wonder, though, if he used the old trick of talking louder and pointing? That normally works in these foreign restaurants.

AT least I hope it does, I’m off to Copenhagen this weekend.

Fingers crossed.

INTERESTING to read that Liam Gallagher is coming to Sheffield with his new band Beady Eye.

Interesting because I didn’t realise Liam Gallagher was still going. Not hanging up the mic yet, old boy?