Pub ghost or trick of the light?

Wortley Arms ghost?
Wortley Arms ghost?
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...AND here’s one they’re looking into right now.

This picture apparently shows a ghost lurking in the doorway of The Wortley Arms, in Thurgoland.

It was taken by amateur photographer Paul Cocker who was shooting the 18th century building as part of his hobby.

He says it was only when he downloaded the photo he realised he appeared to have captured a supernatural being.

“I’m a rational bloke - I think a lot of this ghost stuff is claptrap,” the 41-year-old of Manchester Road, Deepcar, says. “But I have no answer as to what on earth this is.”

Trick of the light, per chance? Touch of photoshopping, maybe?

“Obviously when we get a photo like this sent to us the first thing we check for is evidence it’s been tampered with digitally,” explains Joe Collins, of Rotherham Paranormal. “If you check pixel definition you can usually tell and this certainly doesn’t appear to have been altered in any way.

“We’re looking into it but there are rumours the Wortley Arms is haunted – certainly it’s an old building with plenty of history. We’re planning a visit there to investigate.”

In the mean time, the advice to drinkers?

Keep a particularly close eye on your pints.