Organised chaos and good humour

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AN absolute pleasure to meet the Sismans for today’s main Diary piece.

Sterling chaps with a sterling shop.

But, hopefully they’ll not mind me saying, somewhat chaotic.

After deciding to put the shutters down while we did the interview, they found they couldn’t get them back up again.

A locksmith had to be called while puzzled customers were served through the hatch and I was ushered out through a series of back rooms piled high with stock.

“It’s like Open All Hours in here,” I mused.

“Funnily enough,” replied Philip. “I think we have four candles.”

Worth a visit for the comic genius alone.

Nice sign on the wall too: “Shoplifters will be electrocuted”.

SAD news for Big Top lovers everywhere.

Sheffield’s first ever Circus Folk Festival – which was due to take place in June and which was revealed right here in The Diary – has been cancelled.

Organisers Greentop says ticket sales for the event, due to be in Wincobank, haven’t been great and it is now looking to host something in the city centre later in the summer.

If the people won’t go to the clowns take the clowns to the people.

AND, finally, interesting to read in The Star last week that three-quarters of Sheffield women would be suspicious if their man turned up out of the blue with a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates.

Well, gents, at least that gives us an excuse when we get accused of never doing anything romantic in future.