Oldies are goal-den!

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FAIR play to Dave Dent and Bob Armitage, the two youngsters still playing football at 73 and 70 respectively.

The pair, as reported in Friday’s Grass Roots, turn out for Ecclesfield Real Vets in the Wragg League’s 40-plus division.

Which is some achievement. I’ve been playing the odd five-a-side game of late (less Georgie Best, more Georgie Porgie), and I’m ruined by the end every time.

Lord knows how I’d feel in the same situation more than 40 years hence.

ALWAYS nice to see a Sheffield success story so congratulations to former Diary star Steve Rimmer.

He’s the 25-year-old who set up a creative hub of independent art and craft studios in the old Nickel Blank cutlery works, in Smithfield, city centre.

In any case, less than a year after opening and six months after appearing on this page, we’re happy to report he’s now extended the hub - called Creative Arts Development Space - into the adjoining premises in Snow Lane.

Good going, fella.

THERE’S no real South Yorkshire link here (although he did open Sheffield’s Children’s Media Conference last year) but I couldn’t let Henry Winkler’s OBE pass without comment.

The man still known as The Fonz was honoured for his work with dyslexic children - although one could argue he deserved it just as much for his proficiency at fixing jukeboxes.

Did the Queen get it right? Correctamundo.

AND talking of correct decisions, fair play to the council for prosecuting the nuisance neighbour who let dog dirt build up on his lawn.

Mark Conneally was ordered to pay £300 as reported in Friday’s Star. Quite right.

Now can they start prosecuting those who let their pets foul the pavements too?