New technology in Nick of time

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NICK Clegg, speaking in yesterday’s Star, says new technology is the future.

Superb insight, Nick. I knew there was a reason you were deputy Prime Minister.

TALKING of new technology, though, what about this robotics conference taking place at Sheffield Hallam University from tomorrow?

The Towards Automatic Robotics Systems event is, as reported in last week’s Star, going to give visitors an incredible glimpse into the immense benefits of developing technology.

It will show how futuristic innovations, unimaginable only a decade ago, will be able to drive economies, increase industrial output, equip emergency services and improve the lives of the sick, the disabled and those in need of care.

These robots, organisers say, have so much potential for good it almost defies belief.

And, so with that in mind, I can’t help but feel I perhaps disappointed a spokesman this week with my first question about the event: is anything like C3PO going to be there?

ANOTHER question I’ve posed recently was in this column on Thursday: if a secret museum closes, does anyone notice?

This was referring to the Traditional Heritage Museum, in Ecclesall Road, which has been shut amid health and safety fears.

In any case it seems we have an answer: yes, people would notice. Reader Margaret Rowlands, a volunteer there, is one.

“The museum is a treasure house that brought gasps of amazement,” she emails.

That’s me told. And, as such, if it does reopen, Margaret, I’ll be the first to visit.

A QUESTION: who is South Yorkshire’s biggest band? Arctic Monkeys perhaps? Def Leppard maybe?

How about Grimethorpe Colliery Band who played to nearly 20,000 people on a summer tour of Australia?

That’s some going. But what’s perhaps even better is these Diary favourites - they appeared on this page ahead of the jaunt - are now to perform back home for free. Their pre-British Open ‘open rehearsal’ is at Sheffield Salvation Army Citadel, Thursday, 7.15pm.